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September 29, 2010
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The duo sat squeezed onto Joey's bed watching the flickering television screen carefully. They had started out watching some movie Corey had never heard of, but gradually they had gotten bored and changed it over to an old copy of Friday The 13th. Joey was curled up like a sleek cat next to Corey, head in the crook of his arm so his chin rested nicely on the older boy's chest.  Corey had his arm propped up so Joey could watch the movie with him, occasionally stroking the boy's silky black hair lovingly.

"And you love this kind of stuff?" Corey raised an eyebrow in curiosity when Joey started giggling at all the blood pouring from a victim.

"Hell yeah!" He laughed and snuggled closer to the other boy, snickering even more when Corey shivered at the guts being strung across rooms on the screen.

"Its just a movie!"

"Still! The guy's fucking guts are everywhere and you're giggling like a maniac!" Joey couldn't help but laugh at Corey's small spasm. It was one of the things the boy was starting to love about him.

"Its… an acquired liking." The raven haired boy reassured him with a quick peck on the cheek. He sat up on the edge of the bed, whipping out his phone and dialing some numbers. Corey sat up next to him slightly confused, but curious.

"Who are you calling?"

"Wednesday. Just gotta let him know your ok." Joey paused and gave the older boy a reassuring smile. That smile always made Corey's heart flip, it was a little quirk to the small boy that he could never get over. He pulled Joey up against his chest and nuzzled the crook of his pale neck, making Joey shiver slightly.

"Can't you call him later?" Corey almost whined, not wanting Joey to leave any time soon.

"I promised I would call." Joey looked up at the blonde boy through his own raven black hair. He widened his eyes, trying to gain sympathy from the older boy and damn it all to hell, it worked.

"M'kay." Corey smiled and let the boy go. The smaller boy bounced to his feet and walked out of the room with the phone to his head, waiting for Wednesday to pick up.

"Joey?" He heard the voice finally pick up on the other line.

"Hey Wednesday."

"How's Corey doing?" Joey smiled and felt himself flush slightly.

"Great. Much better." He smiled.

"Did he need any stitches? It looked pretty fucking bad when I saw it."

"Nope! I took care of it all."

"Great" He knew Wednesday was smiling over the phone, he could tell from the tone of his voice. It was times like this Joey was thankful to have such good friends.

They sat talking for a while about how the rest of their school day had been, never once running out of topics to discuss.

"Well I gotta go, Acey over." He finally answered to Joey, and the boy felt a grin cross his face.

"Okay. Go easy on him Wednesday." Joey teased and hung up, hearing Wednesday yell a 'fuck you' before closing his phone. He just laughed and made his way back to the room, wanting to collapse on his bed as soon as he could. Corey looked up when the boy re-entered the room and gave him a small smile. Joey happily crawled onto Corey and laid down on him, setting his hands on the boy's chest so he could rest his chin on them.

"What'd Wednesday say?" Corey asked, making sure to rest his own arms on Joey's back to keep the two close.

"Just told him your okay. Gave him hell. The normal." Joey shrugged innocently. Before long, the raven haired boy's eyes started to get heavy, the combination of the dark room and Corey warm body was all too much for him and was starting to slowly lull him to sleep like it had earlier. He lifted his head to lock eyes with Corey, so much passing between them with just that one glance.

"Hey Corey?"


"Would you mind if I slept for a bit on you?" Corey just chucked at the boy's innocence.

"You have to ask at this point in time?"

Joey let a huge smile cross his face and he inched up Corey, placing a small kiss on the blonde's lips. After a few more quick kisses, he nuzzled his head into the side of Corey's neck and closed his eyes.

After a while, he felt the smaller boy's breathing slow down and knew he had drifted into a deep sleep. Eventually, he himself gave into the tug at the back of his eyes and closed them. Before fully drifting off though, he carefully wrapped his arms around the sleeping boy and cradled him close, wanting to stay so close to him for as long as he could. This one boy had changed his life so drastically in the past few days; taking punches for him, giving him new friends, and showing him love he never thought he would never develop for somebody else, let alone another guy. Something about this boy was different than the others, and Corey was determined to keep him in his life as long as he could.

Silently, he squeezed the small boy close to him and buried his face into that beautiful black hair and inhaling deeply, taking in the scent that simply was, Joey.

"I think I love you…" He whispered to himself before falling head over heels into a blissful sleep.



The blonde stiffened at that voice, even in the busy hallways of the high school he could hear it as clear as a siren. Quickly, he stepped to the left to avoid the Sid that had gone flying at him and watched the smaller boy fly into the group lockers he had been standing in front of. Angrily, Sid turned around and glared at Corey as hard as he could.

"Why don't you ever let me hug you any more?" He questioned sadly.

"Cause I like not being snapped in half" He chucked and gave the boy a small hug, ruffling his bright orange Mohawk around.

Down the hallway, the bell rung loudly and students started filing back into classrooms. Quickly bidding Sid a farewell, Corey raced down the hall to his next class. He had Acey and Ben in his next class and found them much more interesting to focus on than the lesson itself. Thanks to them and the rest of Joey's friends, classes seemed to pass by much quicker than they use to, and were much funner than he remembered them to be.

After all their periods had passed, Corey was relieved that it was finally lunch time. As soon as the bell would ring, he would maneuver as fast as he could through the crowded halls to the lunch room and throw his bag down at the table where Joey and his friends sat. He had been doing this ever since he had met Joey, which was at that time, about two weeks ago. Sure enough, a few minutes after he sat down he heard the high pitched laugh that he learned belonged to Eric. The group of friends sat in their usual spots; Eric and Ben to Corey's left, Joey on his right, Wednesday and Acey across from them.

The friends became enthralled in their own conversation, leaving Corey to chat freely with the small boy next to him.

"Any ideas for after school?" Corey questioned the raven haired boy, quietly interlocking their hands under the table and making Joey's cheeks tint pink.

"I had hoped you had some." Joey laughed. Corey just shook his head and chuckled as well.

"Well I was going to go in and get a new piercing…"Corey trailed off.

"But I somehow doubt it would be very much fun for you." He chuckled again, stealing a chip off Joey's plate and nibbling it lightly.

"I wouldn't mind." Joey smiled and gave the boy's hand a squeeze, letting him know he meant it. Corey let the smile return to his face and quickly glanced around. When he was sure nobody was watching them, he leaned in and gave the boy a quick kiss on the forehead.

Corey glanced over the table and noticed Wednesday had been watching them the whole time, a light smile playing on the boy's red painted lips. He was the first person Joey had told about his and Corey's relationship, for some reason the boy seemed very close to Wednesday. He of coarse had been overjoyed for Joey, Corey remembered he had grabbed the smaller boy in a hug and jumped a few times, telling both the boys how happy he was for them. Over the past two weeks, Corey had become close with the group of friends as well, still occasionally seeing his old friends, but he wasn't nearly as comfortable around them as he was with these guys. They were like a family he never knew he had, open to everything and always friendly to him.

Corey went to pick up the chip he had half nibbled on and was surprised when Joey leaned foreword and took a bite out of it, leaving Corey with just a few small pieces.

"Cute." Corey snorted and grabbed another chip, making sure to eat it before the boy had a chance to take another bite. Joey just giggled and chewed happily, continuing his previous conversation with Corey.

The rest of the day past that point rushed by in a blur, the classes whizzed by in what seemed like only minutes. Before Corey even knew it, he was standing outside the school with Eric and Ben, waiting for the rest of their friends to show up. Eric had gotten bored of waiting and started pulling on Ben's dreads, trying to provoke a reaction.

"Will you knock it off?" Ben whined and tried to push the boy away, failing completely and just hitting empty air.

"I will if you let me come over to your house today." Eric giggled and continued pulling.

"You know my parents hate it when I bring people over."

"I thought they worked all day on Tuesdays?" Eric pointed out, making Ben stop and think for a second.

"Alright, alright, fine." He gave in, relieved to have his hair let go of finally. Eric sat back triumphantly and folder his arms, proud to have won yet another argument.

Joey, Acey and Wednesday had already showed up, the raven haired boy nudging Corey lightly to show he wanted to get going.

"We're gonna head out." Corey chirped in, earning a raised eyebrow from Eric.

"Where you guys going?"

"Corey's getting a new piercing." Joey grinned. He could tell the boy was pretty fond of piercings himself, Corey couldn't help but wonder how many he actually had.

"Where's it gonna be?" Ben asked curiously.

"Surprise" Corey laughed and pulled Joey along, waving to the group. He wanted to have his alone time with Joey and was happy to finally get it.

"So… What ARE you getting pierced?" Joey asked curiously, trying to match his footsteps with the older boy's

"My tongue." Corey laughed and shrugged his backpack across the other shoulder. Joey's eyes widened a bit when he heard that.

"Sounds… painful." He winced.

"They say it isn't, and it's something I've been wanting for a while." He smiled and pulled the boy close.

"What about you Joe?" He asked, looking down at the boy and locking his own blue eyes with the icy blue orbs that belonged to Joey.

"Any you want? I know the guy at the piercing booth so I could get a good discount if you wanted one." He smiled, watching the boy's eyes light up.

"Really?" He asked excitedly and almost started bouncing, but stopped suddenly.

"Shit Corey, I don't think I have any money." He trailed off and looked down, sadness seeping back into his voice. Corey thought quickly, hating to see the boy sad and wanting that life to return to his eyes.

"I'll get it for you, don't worry about it." The blonde reassured. Sure enough, that life came back to the boy's eyes in an instant.

"Seriously? You really would?" Joey beamed at the boy.

"Coarse Joe!" He smiled and tussled the boy's hair. Joey just let a grin spread across his face and he threw his arms around Corey's neck, pulling the boy closer and letting him know just how happy it had made him.

"Thanks Corey." Joey smiled into his neck and hugged him tighter, letting go only so they could continue towards the parlor
Horror movies, piercings, and romance... These guys experience it all :bucktooth:

So sorry this chapter took forever, My life has been so crammed lately its horrible... But not so much I can't give you guys some sweet Murderdolls lovin' :la:

Next one's gonna be up really soon, help to make up for the huge wait I put you guys through :XD:

Corey and Jojo are getting pierced next chapter! Giving you all a warning XD
And Eric's going over to Benny Bunny's house. Curious what's gonna happen over there :eyes:

Aha enjoy :heart:
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bloodsoulreaver Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
Awww! That's really sweet, Joey and Corey! Soz I haven't read the others so I didn't really know what had happened,:heart:
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Thank ya!
Joey/Corey is always a cute pairing, never gets old :meow:
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I think it's a cute pairing too! I bet they look really sweet together
1MortifiedMortician3 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
There's actually quite a few pictures of Corey and Joey out
there, and it's indeed very sweet :aww:
Want some?
bloodsoulreaver Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
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Its not much but they're still pretty cute :)
bloodsoulreaver Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Awww! They look so sweet together!:heart: Except Corey's not gay - he has a wife and kids. soz.
1MortifiedMortician3 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Ahaha yes, I know very much of his family :nod:
Thats why I support Joey/Wednesday 13 so much, cause it might actually
be real :XD:
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emofreaky Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010  Student Writer
So cute! Gah! I looove Sid, i cooed like a psycho when he was whining at Corey! Can't wait for mooore! xxx
1MortifiedMortician3 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you!!
I can never resist a spaz Sid, its just too much fun :XD:
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